Friday, February 03, 2012

Friday Stuff

You know what I think I'll do today?

I think I'll unpack my suitcase.

I wish I was kidding, but I'm not.  I went to Houston two weeks ago, came home, plopped my suitcase on my closet floor and never bothered with it again.  I never do that!

And the only reason I thought of it today was because I want to wear a shirt that's in that suitcase.

Which might explain why I haven't blogged about my trip either.  I know ... it's time.  I'm anxious to relive it all through a blog post, so I hope to get to it this weekend.

So, our week in a nutshell ....

I got to spend some time with my friend Cathy this week.  I always love any time I have with her, but she is in town under the saddest of circumstances.  Her brother passed away unexpectedly Monday.  Cathy's husband is still in Afghanistan which kills me that she's having to go through all this alone.  Would you pray for her and her family? They could sure use it!

Also, Olivia hasn't felt well this week.  Her allergies and asthma have been giving her a fit.  She's had breathing treatments all week and still not feeling great, though she did go back to school today.

I have to admit, I loved having her home yesterday.  She is so fun to be around! And, just look at that face and those missing teeth ....


Emma has been sweet to bring her her makeup work from school.

I don't think Olivia looks at it like a 'sweet' gesture though :)

Speaking of Emma ..... when she isn't reading, you can usually find her in this position ....

She got an iTouch for Christmas and to say she loves it is a huge understatement.  Wanna know what she spends most of her time doing on her iTouch?

Reading my blog.  True story.  I'm even an 'app' now :)

I guess it's equivalent to reading a baby book for them.  They love it.

Speaking of 'apps' .... we have a slight dilemma in our house.  I have been waiting patiently for an iPhone.  My cell contract is up in 2 weeks.  Well, actually ten days now, but who's counting?

In an odd turn of events, Eric has now decided he would like an iPhone.


That trumps everything because Eric is fortunate enough to have a birthday this month.

I can't compete with that. 

Plus, it comes down to necessity.  And, for some reason, my desire to use "Heytell" and play Boggle on demand isn't considered 'necessary'.

What - evah!

Stay tuned ....

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Anonymous said...

You got to love them Mom.

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