Friday, March 02, 2012

Raising Future Esthers - The Point of it All?

I've decided to address some feedback I've been getting about my blog.  Not necessarily negative.  Just questions.  Questions I ignored for awhile, though now I feel I'll address, because doing so has made me work it all out in my own mind.

What's the point of my blog? Why don't I choose one particular avenue (crafts, devotions, children, etc.) and stick with it? - wouldn't that make more sense and expand my readers? Why do you think anyone wants to read about your family? (from someone evidently reading about my family ;) Your blog purpose isn't clear.  Your blog gives off the impression your family is perfect and no family is.

So, an attempt to put it all in a nice, neat box ...

I'm somewhat comfortable posting cute little stories about my kids or funny things they say.  However, Olivia has become quite sensitive to it, actually, so I don't post a fraction of the shenanigans she gets into. 

Though she is funny, creative, full-of-life and well-rounded, she doesn't like attention.  I learned quickly that she's annoyed when people say "I read about you on your Mom's blog".  She withdraws.  She doesn't like it one bit.  And, as a result, she plays and says things within the comfort of our home and then will quickly follow with, "don't tell anyone that!". 

And, that's not okay.

I don't want her to think everything she does is broadcasted, so I chose awhile ago not to share most of her stories. 

Emma, on the other hand, reads it daily like it's her baby book.  Scratch that.  I also believe she reads it to find out what's going on in my head.  For instance,she loves to know if I went running, cleaned, cooked and what I was thinking.  She has become the girl that hides in the corner or on the sofa when I'm on the phone or have a visitor, listening to every.single.word. while sitting quiet as a mouse so as not to be found out.  A polite way to put it? An eavesdropper. Hi Emma!

I never want to come across like we have the perfect life, perfect marriage or perfect children.  I try my best to be honest and real, though I will not share my girls' faults, failures, struggles or mistakes.  Their bad attitudes are saved for our home (you're welcome :) and I refuse to cross that line.  The same goes for posting about my husband.

Though I absolutely have no problem sharing their successes, the way they make me smile and the genuine good they bring to our lives.  There is more that can be written about the good anyway.  Yes, we celebrate that

I say all this because that's the struggle I have with this blog.  What started out as a 'scrapbook' for my children has evolved into something else, I guess (not sure what, honestly) and when I can't figure out what the true voice of it is, I just get silent. 

I'm working through what direction God would have me to go.  'Raising Future Esthers' to me is more than just cute stories about my children and instead is a picture of how God is working through me to raise girls that will love Him at all costs.  (If I perish, I perish! Get it?) Sometimes that manifests itself through particular spiritual lessons He's teaching me (that hopefully trickle down to them) .... other times, it manifests itself through just posting about what a day looks like in our house whether it be laundry, creating something fun or how we're coping in this world that is contradictory to how we believe. 

Though I by no means have a lot of readers, I do know there's more than just my Mom reading now ;) That responsibility makes me want to be a light for Jesus even more - though never coming across as a perfect home.  We are so far from that.

For now ... this blog is for us and a way to express our gratitude for how God attends to our days. 

So, I guess that's the point.


Allyson said...

I was a late bloomer in the blogging world, coming in to it less than 2 years ago. As I began reading, yours was one of the first ones I subscribed to. Whenever I get to read your words, whether it be a spiritual thought, a funny story, or simple happenings in your day, it's always an encouragement to me. You bring glory to God in all circumstances, real life circumstances. My blog is similar, in that there is no clear cut agenda. I like to look at it as a phone call to friends, just sharing what we're up to and how God is working in our lives :-). (((hugs))) to you Deidre!

FullnessofLife said...

I love your blog and enjoy reading about your girls. This blot inspires me as I raise my little Esther, my 2 mo old Natalia. You are also a great testimony for Christ.

Rebekah said...

The openess on your blog is something I appreciate. I have read blogs before and they make it seem as if their life is perfect, their marriage, etc. I commend you for being open and honest, but yet encouraging as well.

Anonymous said...


I just have to say- (I've been reading your blog for a couple of years...couldn't even tell you how I came across your blog at the start.) But, sorry I don't comment much- so you know I'm not a scary freak. But, I want to say, I LOVE YOUR BLOG just the way it is. I don't really get why people tell you that you have to have a "purpose" or one type of blog over another. I DON'T GET IT.

I think you are very real - very clear with your personal struggles and you don't at all come across as a person who thinks they have a perfect life. NO ONE DOES. But the reason I read, is you love God with your whole heart (and so do I) and you inspire me to do neat things with my kids, and you make life intentional.

Stay just the way you are. And I hope the negative things people say, or even the nice but kind of pressure things, don't get you down.

Thanks for sharing your life.
Kelly in Michigan

Dionna Sanchez said...

I blog similarly on my blog. I write a lot about my faith and what God is teaching me, some about family and parenting, and then other things trickle in here and there. My girls are now 12 and 15 and they too - are more sensitive to what I print about them. So oftentimes, if I think it will be an issue - I ask them if it's okay to get their approval. Or I wait till months down the road after something has happened and even then might refer to them as "one of my daughters" so as not to specify which one.

I think ultimately, you write for you - not your readers. So write how you feel comfortable and hopefully they will see the authenticity in that and know that NO ONE is perfect. :) A blog post is only a moment in time- a highlight. It's not the whole package of a day in any way.

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog! I never thought your family was perfect. I think you are pretty honest with us. Often times you share the good, and the not so good.

Keep shinning for Jesus!


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