Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunny Saturday

Rain threatened to ruin our weekend.

We weren't sure from one minute to the next if Emma would play soccer Saturday morning.

But, it stopped long enough to play, though it rained on us during halftime.
Our team won again! Yay!

Thankfully, the rain stopped once we were back home and the girls, who had their cousins spend the night the night before, were able to play outside.

We are fortunate to have horses in a pasture behind our house.

Although they belong to our neighbor, we get to pet and feed them.
Honestly, they don't come around much lately.
But, my niece, Lauren (who adores horses) doesn't rest until they come near.
She has that special touch :)

The girls played all day until they just couldn't go anymore. 

The best kind of weekend.

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