Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hotel Bethlehem

It all starts in October.

My girls come home from church with a Christmas CD.  That CD has their entire church Christmas Play on it and they listen to it.  Repeatedly.  A LOT.  Every morning.  Every night.  In the car.  At home.  Every single day.

And, I always text my friend Piper, telling her 'thanks'.

Thanks for the loud, endless Christmas songs in October.

I guess the idea is for the kids to get some practice.  So, just so we're clear .... the Lail girls are all about practicing.  Daily :)

But, then it's showtime!

And, the excitement felt for months from two excited little girls finally becomes reality.

Something clicked with my Olivia this year.  In the past, she kind of dreaded the play.  She always had a lot of anxiety and never wanted to do it (she even sat down in the audience one year refusing to get up - ha!).

But, not this year.  This year, she was SO HAPPY to perform.

She even had a solo and speaking parts! (We've come such a long way!)  I don't think she stopped smiling during the whole play.

And, I know I'm biased, but seriously, Emma sang two of the most beautiful solos that each put a huge lump in my throat.

God has gifted her with the most beautiful voice.  I pray she always uses it to glorify Him.

The play was so good.  All the kids worked so hard and it showed.

My girls were so sad on the ride home from church because it was all over.

Or, is it????

When you've listened to the same CD every day since October, you really can't stop all at once.  How do I know? They were still singing the songs Monday morning. 

Until next October .....


Anonymous said...

Wow. Braggin' on your kids a little much aren't ya?


Anonymous said...

Deidre your girls are beautiful. I love that they started practicing in October. Repitition is the best way to teach children. I know you are proud of them as you should be.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Samantha said...

The songs are stuck in my head!!!! They all did super! Your girls sing beautiful!

Piper said...

I want to brag on your girls and all the other children too!! Emma gave it her all as usual!! What a gift God has given her. And Olivia - she is coming out!!! She was lovin' it.
I know I get all stressed and worked up sometimes (shh no comment!) with the play, but I am so thankful the Lord allows me to be a part of it!! Having the opportunity to see all the children grow up and seeing them change from being shy & timid to stepping out and doing their best for the Lord! I am sure that the Lord was smiling!! It's all about Him and He took care of it all.
And I too am still waking up with those songs in my head....
Maybe they will fade by Valentine's Day??!

Kari said...

Dear Deidre,

I love your blog.

If I met you I know I would like YOU.

I think your family is beautiful.

Often, when I find a blog i like, I look to their comments as there are often similar people to the blogger leaving comments. I have found some good reading this way.

Tonight I had some extra time on my hands and after reading your amazing post about your daughters' beautiful performance, I clicked on your comments.

The comment left by Anonymous stung me. It stung me for you.

I just wanted to say that I hope you do not let that weigh on your heart or mind too much. I will miss your posts during this Advent season if you pause too long.

You are an amazing writer and your writing speaks to my heart!

Anonymous simply does not understand why some of us blog.

Write on Deidre! Write on! You are NOT a prideful person!

Love, Kari

Coffee Mom said...

Our program is this Sunday...the kids have been singing their little hearts out in practice and around the house. Such a blessing to hear them sing for Jesus! I grew up being involved in plays at church; those memories are still so warm to me and I realize now how much I learned about the true meaning of Christmas and Easter and such through them. Neat to see your girls having the same experiences!!

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