Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Monday Redeems

Who would've thought a Monday could be so much better than a weekend? Not me.  But, I'm telling you, after the rotten Sunday I had, my Monday was glorious.

I woke with my head feeling a little fuzzy.  I managed to get the girls out the door and then slowly got back to life around here.  I made some chicken salad, brownies, started dinner, got our taxes ready to take to the accountant, dusted, vacuumed and loved feeling like I was among the living :)

I picked up the girls from school and they immediately came home to play outside.  It wasn't all that warm, but compared to the last few days, it was warm enough to spend some time outside.

The weather here has been crazy.  Freezing rain one day, 70 degree temperatures the next, a chance of snow the next.  Odd.  Right now, any day that is above 50 degrees gives us an excuse to go outside.

The girls came inside to get the dreaded homework out of the way.

Olivia reading ....
She loves this series of books!

Emma telling me a funny story about Science Class .....
I could watch them both all day.

Oh, and Emma and I bought some daisies - our favorite flower!

I had to laugh at how excited Emma was about these daisies.  She is her mother's daughter :) Daisies are the perfect flower to brighten things up inside when it's cold and dreary outside.

Then, perhaps the most exciting thing happened.  Eric's parents came to watch to the girls so we could have a date night.  Ahhhhhh .... give the Lord some praise!!

We want so much to do this more often and are really going to try to work it out.  Our goal for tonight was to not spend over $10.  We ate at home with the girls and then went for coffee and a cheap movie.  We did it and it was so nice to just be together.

I can't wait until next time, which if everything goes as planned, won't be more than two weeks away :)


Mindy said...

I need you to send me a message {text, email, fb, whatevs} and tell me where you saw a cheap movie!!!

Piper said...

Congrats on a great Monday...and a date night!! AWESOME!! Can you hear me singing that AWWWEEESOOOMMEE!! Ha!! - So jealous! :)

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