Friday, December 06, 2013

Seasons Change

i feel like if i sit and think too long about what to post, i won't do it.  my thoughts are all over the place and make little sense to even me, so proceed with caution.

thanksgiving came and went quickly.  i felt really odd the whole day, to tell the truth.  it was the first thanksgiving my little brother wasn't with us.  he's just in hawaii, so yes, there are worse things, but i felt odd all the same.

the leaves are all gone on the trees and i took it hard.  that sentence kind of makes me laugh but i remember how last winter was a little tough to get through and i knew any sign of winter this year would bum me out.  in a strange turn of events, we had to turn our a/c on last night.  that may have been unnecessary but for the past three nights, i have been wide awake with night sweats.

speaking of hormones .... well, nevermind.

we put up our tree and i like to sneak in the living room and have my quiet time before anyone wakes up.

quiet times at Christmas are so much more fun.

i have gone out every day this week to do some Christmas shopping.  each time i wander around one store for a few minutes and then just head home without buying one thing.  i don't even know what's going on with me.

i have decided that parenting during the middle school years is not for the faint of heart.  my middle schooler is a wonderful, sensitive, sweet kid but everyone else's is not.  ha!

okay, that sounds harsh but the girl drama is unbelievable y'all.  we've had a long, tough week. truthfully, we're all ready to hide out in our house for the weekend. wouldn't that be fantastic?

we won't, though.  we have plans.  lots and lots of plans.

aside from the girls' Christmas play at church, we could possibly, maybe, just might have some special plans on saturday.  i haven't wanted to mention it because we keep hearing it could all change on a whim, but there is a chance we could see John Patrick tomorrow.  as in, he has been awarded leave for Christmas.  the leave he was told he wouldn't be able to take until recently.  the leave that could be pulled out from under him at the last minute.  the leave that he won't let us talk about because he's afraid we'll jinx it.

but y'all.  if it happens that i lay eyes on my little brother tomorrow night at the charlotte airport ... well, i'm going to be a wreck.  a happy, excited, anxious wreck.

ya'll could pray.


Katherine said...

Oh Deidre! I hope and pray it all works out for your brother to come home. That would be an amazing Christmas gift.

I'm with you on the shopping. I can't seem to get it together.

petrii said...

Oh Sweet Deidre,
I do hope you get to see that little brother of yours this weekend. How grand would that be!!!

And I'm completely with you on the shopping.
I have done nothing.
I tell you I need to get with it, but currently we
have about 7-8 inches of snow on the ground
and it could get to -4 tonight. UGHHH.....

I love you dear girl ~~ and I will pray ~~ hugs ~~ dawn

bethany said...

Praying for you Deidre! I hope that it does work out for you to see John Patrick because I know that would bless your heart and bring sunshine into your little neck of the woods!
This time of year, as beautiful and wonderful as it is, can also be a hard time of year. With a loved one away it makes it harder. Praying for you dearie.
As for shopping...I've done what I said I would never do; online shopping. I must say, it is so much less stress! Trying to keep my focus on Jesus and decided for this year that all distractions have to go. Simplifying...its good :)

Mindy said...

Hope that you get to greet your brother tonight at the airport. Praying for that.
Our play is this weekend too. ANd this weather -- not helping.
Plus - I don't think we really have it all together......headed to practice shortly. To distract from the anxiety - pray my play isn't a big flop. =)

Anonymous said...

Yes we are going to see that sweet boy/man. God is so good. I cannot praise him enough. Anticipation is so hard for all of us but it sure does make this Mama so proud that you all love each other the way you do. I have been blessed with the sweetest family. Thank you Lord for your blessings on me and my family. I will forever shout it that you are God and with you NOTHING is impossible.

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