Monday, December 09, 2013

Unexpected Homecoming

I've always been the type of person to never get my hopes up.

After we had been married a year, Eric told me he wanted to take me to Hawaii.  I still remember me lying on the sofa watching a movie and him coming in the room SO excited to tell me he wanted to plan the trip.  I looked at him and told him in a less-than-thrilled voice "Great.  Let me know how that goes".

He couldn't understand why I wasn't thrilled and I couldn't understand why he would be so excited with just the thought of it.

I told him I would show some excitement when we were actually sitting on a plane on our way there.

And that pretty much sums up how I am about most things that seem really big or next to impossible.

I know, where's my faith?

Well, let's just say I have to work at it at times.  It's sort of like if I keep my feelings tucked away, I won't have the big let down.  Make sense?

Anyway, sometime around October, my Mom called to tell me she thought John Patrick would get to come home for Christmas.

And, it made me mad.

She had absolutely no reason to believe this would happen other than the fact she just did.  I was angry with her even putting the thought in my head.  I mean I had spent months preparing myself for him being gone and I didn't want this unnecessary {hope}.  So, I wouldn't talk to her about it.

I'll also point out that JP had spent months preparing us he couldn't come as well.

BUT .... ahhhhh .... {that word!} .... BUT ...

Saturday night, around 6pm, John Patrick stepped off a plane and greeted us at the airport.

Waiting ...


 We spot him ...

My Daddy is always first ..

We left the airport as quickly as we could and went to Todd's house in South Charlotte.  It all felt very surreal, to be quite honest.

To see him sitting around the table was a little weird.  Like did all that just happen? Is he really here? You mean, he's not in Hawaii?

No, he's not in Hawaii.  He's here.  And, it makes absolutely no sense other than GOD!

We are beyond thankful for this time!


petrii said...

Oh my golly, these pictures are AMAZING!!! These girls are just the sweetest things!!

I'm so glad he's home.

Blessings sweet one ~~ dawn

Rebecca Jo Vincent said...

That is one loved man :) His nieces ... his dad... you all.. the reunion... so beautiful!!! Glad you get to spend some time with him!!!

Piper Stephens said...

Love love this!! I love BUT GOD stories and I teared up again.... the first time was the video!!
Blessed family!!

Anonymous said...

All I wanted for Christmas was for our family to all be home. God gave me the desires of my heart. He blesses us so much. Thanks to God and to him be the glory.

joysmallpack said...

Deidre, I LOVE reading your blog! Thank you for sharing with us. I feel like I read pretty faithfully but yet I feel like I must be missing something! Is it okay if I ask, who's having the Baby Girl mentioned on the cake?!?! Sounds exciting! : )
At any rate, you have written countless posts that have touched me, and best of all, often encourage me in my walk with Jesus. My girls are ages 12 and 10, so I extra love reading your posts. : ) Thank you!!!

Katherine said...

What in the world have I missed? Who is baby girl on the cake? You have to tell us!!

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