Thursday, February 27, 2014

God's Redeeming Love {Day 27}: OVERloving

Sitting in church beside my Olivia, I glance at her journal.  She's taking notes while our pastor preaches and I see where she's taking it a step further and journaling her thoughts on what he's saying.

A third-grader's take away from a sermon is very different from an adult's.  Simple and profound. She stops, waits a moment and then draws a big G-O-D.  Using each letter as the beginning of an adjective, she writes GREAT, OVERLOVING, DELIVERER.


I point to the word and ask her what that means.  She looks at me over her glasses and whispers "Overloving? You don't know?"

You know, as a matter of fact, I do.

In a third-grader's economy, anything in excess is BIG, SUPER or OVER done.

Which sums up how we've been describing our wonderful God this month.  He overloves us.

I don't know .... I think that word will catch on ;)

God has, with our permission, revealed new things about Himself to us this month.  Things that were never meant to be mysteries, but things that must be pursued by a people eager to learn more about His character.

Hopefully, by now, you have journal pages or index cards full of Who He is and who you are in Him.

What will you do with this new-found information? How will you allow it to change you? Will you push it aside or will it become a new lifeline for you?

One thing is certain .... you can't un-know.

When we looked at John 14 earlier this week, we focused on the relationship we have with Christ when we accept Him as Savior and receive eternal salvation.

Verse 7 says " ... and you know the way to where I'm going".

In other words, it's not a secret that has been hidden from you, but one now that has been revealed. Now that you know, you can't un-know.

I firmly believe He'll hold us accountable for what we know and what we choose to ignore.

He loves us.  Simple and profound, easy enough for a third-grader to understand :)

The Truths are there for us to obtain permanent victory! Don't rest until you taste it.


Rebecca Jo said...

Oh how my heart smiles at your girls love for God - & their knowledge of His love for them...

I remember sitting in church next to my mom when I was little. I used to color in all the "O"'s on the bulletin :) haha! Olivia has me beat in taking a journal :)

Piper said... I love that precious girl. OVERlove - I get that!! Just think how we love our children and how we would take away all their pain and hurt if we could. Its just not possible. They have to process it and learn for themselves. HARD! Heart breaking as well. Oh how I OVERlove my children. Just think how much HE OVERloves us!!
Holding onto HIS promises!

Anonymous said...

My my my sweet Olivia how proud I am of you. You are allowing God's word to penetrate your little heart and he will use you sweet girl and he already has. Keep on spreading his word and he will do great things for you. You are so overloved my Olivia.

Love your biggest fan. Mawmaw.

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