Friday, February 21, 2014

Spelling Bees, Dances and Golf

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I have really enjoyed writing this series on love during the month of February, but in the midst of all of that, there is a lot of life going on around here.  For posterity, I wanted to post about some things we've been doing this month.

I posted here about our Olivia coming in 2nd for the school Spelling Bee.

It took us all by surprise, though maybe not as much as the next step.  Olivia competed in the County Spelling Bee and WON!!!!!
{Olivia and two of her principals, Mrs. Peeler and Mr. Maier.  We love our school!}

The funny thing is that none of this was even on our radar.  She has taken it all in stride, not stressing.  When the competition started, each contestant was asked to stand up, tell their name, grade and school and then spell their favorite color.  I'm sure this was an exercise to get their nerves out.  As each student stood and spelled R-E-D, G-R-E-E-N and B-L-U-E, Olivia stood and said, "I am Olivia, I am in third grade and my favorite color is T-U-R-Q-U-O-I-S-E."

Hahaha That girl! I asked her afterwards why she didn't just spell RED since it was probably just meant to calm them down.  She replied, "That's not my favorite color".

And, that pretty much sums up my Olivia.

Cool as a cucumber while I'm a nervous wreck.

She competes in the State competition on Monday.  Who would've thought such a thing?

Later that week, the girls went to a Father/Daughter dance with their Daddy.

Olivia picking out her jewelry ...

They were SO excited to go to this dance.

I think they shut the place down and said they rarely left the dance floor.

What a fun night they'll always remember with their Dad!

And, don't let those sleeveless dresses fool you ... NC has been COLD.  Well, to be accurate, it's been mostly cold with some warm days scattered in between.  Very unpredictable.

On one of the warmer days, we went to play golf with my Daddy.

Seriously ... Olivia's favorite part of playing golf ... washing the balls!

Emma wanted to try out for the golf team {which she made, by the way!}, so she wanted to get some practice in.

And so it begins ... practices and golf matches.  Here we go ...


Anonymous said...

For the benefit of the world no pictures of me.

Carolyn Mc Eachin said...

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful family, and the precious events. I enjoyed it so very much.

Rebecca Jo said...

Look how beautiful your girls are! & how much they're GROWING!!! I never realized how much Emma looks like her dad until that picture of the 2 of them!!!! Dad better start getting ready to beat off the boys is all I'm gonna say!

Rooting Olivia on in her competition. Now, I'm nervous I spelled 'competition' right :)

petrii said...

Your girls look so grown up!! They are just beautiful! Olivia spelling turquoise cracked me up. Third grade and going to the state spelling bee. AMAZING!!

Way to go Emma on making the golf team. That is one athletic girl you have there mama :)

Blessings ~~ dawn

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