Friday, May 09, 2014

An Update and Future Plans

Where to begin?

I'm sitting here in the quiet of my home (finally!) and really wanting to take a shower but felt like I couldn't until I finally posted here.  I have so many thoughts that I fear going off on a tangent, but we'll see where we end up.

I went running this morning for the third time this week.  This is worth noting since I haven't ran in a couple of months.  I didn't get back to it because I've gained a couple pounds (seriously, don't talk to me about it) but because I miss how running made me feel afterwards .... anxiety and stress free.

May is really not the month to talk about being stress-free, hence the reason I need to run! It will always go down as the busiest month for us as long as my girls are in school.  We know this, we try to prepare ourselves and we still slide into the weekends like we've been in battle all week ... completely exhausted.

May is also Eric's biggest travel month and because we are the Lails and we seem to do things on the grandest of scales .... we put our home on the market and sold it in 6 days.


And not having a clue where we would go.

I thought about writing about that entire process here but I've come to the conclusion that my words fail when I try to explain God's peace when we don't have the whole picture in front of us. People stare at us like we're odd (as if we aren't completely aware that we are).

In a nutshell, we have prayed about selling so we could live closer to our school.  After praying for years, God gave us the unmistakable green light to put our home on the market and we've sat back and watched in amazement.

We have no doubt we're walking this road very closely with Him and as we lean into Him daily for direction, we get tickled at the obstacles He removes and the people He uses to speak to us.

Not sure where we'll end up, I can confidently say I will have a much shorter commute next school year .... as well as time throughout the day that is normally spent 'packing' for us to be in the car for HOURS because of sports and activities that are on the same side of town as the school.

We are beyond grateful He is allowing this for our family.

In the midst of all of this, LIFE has been full since I last posted.  As I have sat down to post about our days, I would become unsettled with sharing.  I'm at a crossroads with this blog since my girls are at the ages they really don't wish for me to share the details of our conversations.  It's sweet and cute when you're a toddler but a little unnerving when someone walks up to you at church or at the grocery store and asks you about something you said or did.

I get it and I want to honor them and let them know their stories are safe within the walls of our home.  I don't have a problem continuing to write on this blog (in fact, I MISS IT so, so much!) but with the title being Raising Future Esthers, I'm just not clear on what that should look like.

I'll figure it out.  I want to be obedient and sometimes that means just being still and waiting on His direction.

Thanks for checking on me! I've gotten tickled at some of your emails as you speculate why I'm not posting.  I realize this is the longest I've ever gone and I love that you even want to read anything I write.  I'll get back to it in one way or another very soon.

Until then, IT'S THE WEEKEND Y'ALL!!!



Love Being A Nonny said...

SIX DAYS!! Whoo Hoo....I think! :) So glad to see you back!

Immeasurably More Mama said...


JenB said...

Oh my gosh, 6 days!! wow! Excited to see where y'all end up. We need a play date this summer....

Laurie said...

Welcome back. So glad the house sold so quickly. I dream of such a scenario when our time comes. We talk about it regularly. Look what God is pulling off within 30 days in our house right now

Our lives are different but He remains the same amazing God to us all. Crazy good.

~Lynn~ said...

Sooooo soooo glad you are back!! Been praying for you on your journey. . .God is good!!

Brenda said...

Yeaaaaaaa on your house. So happy you're back. Been waiting on you.

Rebecca Jo said...

So glad for an update!!! I was getting worried! I haven't even seen a lot of action on Instagram. I tend to make things happy & so was thinking you were off celebrating a vacation... no, you're just out running your stress away. Kinda the same thing on some days, right?

I get you wanting to keep your girls stories private as they age. Teenagers :) But you can move in a direction like I get to do - what do YOU learn from what your girls are going through. Generalize it, but share what God speaks to you - because as you know, you learn as your kids do :)

Jennifer said...

Just wanted to pop in and tell you what an encouragement your blog is to me. And also to tell you I thought about you today when I heard on klove this morning that today is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!!:)

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