Tuesday, June 10, 2014

If We Can Just Make It A Few More Days

I'm sitting at my kitchen table eating a pizza.  In fact, I've eaten pizza for lunch almost every single day for the last 3 weeks.  Personal size.

Am I sick of it? Maybe a little.  But, I was recently the crazy-thankful recipient of 48 personal size pizzas.  I may not win the lottery or a $500 shopping spree to Target but my freezer is packed full of 48 tiny boxes of pizza goodness.

Well, probably significantly less now that it's been 3 weeks.

I just happened to be at the right place at the right time which was parked beside the Tony's Pizza delivery truck in the grocery store parking lot.  He had a few extras cases by mistake and well ... now I'm sitting here eating pizza.  Free pizza.

So, what have we been up to? Well, we're on our 2nd week of Summer and we're mastering the art of packing.  Not like the fun kind of packing that involves bathing suits and nice vacation plans, but the kind that results in every material possession in a box.

We move in 3 days.

Let's see ... the main question I get is "Are you excited?"

I always answer out loud, "Yes!" but to myself I start to cry a little.  Okay a lot.  Because the stress is about to do me in.

We haven't been able to think about our new home yet {which is totally awesome and ONE MILE FROM SCHOOL THANK-YOU-VERY-MUCH} because our current home needed some repairs. As it turned out, more repairs that we could ever imagine though I'm sure it could have been worse.

That's right.  It could have been worse.

My new and often-recited mantra.

I want to say the last repairman pulled out of our driveway at 1:00 today but I'm afraid I'll jinx it and another one will show up tomorrow.  Perhaps someone that promised they would be here 3 weeks ago and lost their way {is there a repairman alive that shows up when they say they will?}.

We did have some fun last week when we tagged along on one of Eric's business trips.  We love to do that in the summer!

I believe his exact words were "Honey, why don't you and the girls drive to meet me on my trip. That way you can get out from under these boxes, not have to deal with repairmen and relax a little".

Sounds heavenly.

The girls and I got to the hotel in time for dinner.  And, just as we were getting in bed, the fan to the A/C began making the biggest racket in the wall you've ever heard.  We were all up most of the night.

Eric got up the next morning only to take a COLD shower.  He left for work and called to tell me the hot water heater for the ENTIRE HOTEL was out.  Oh, and that the girls and I should get dressed BECAUSE THERE WOULD BE A REPAIRMAN IN OUR ROOM SOON.

Because, OF COURSE.

I'm convinced we're on Candid C*mera or some reality TV show.

But, are we excited? Yes, yes we are.  Only a few more days to go ...


Stephanie said...

Incredible story about the pizza, made me recall how when i was a kid there was a tornado that took our home, but the reminder was how so many provided food to replace what we lost

Rebecca Jo said...

Glad to see you post an update :)

Things will calm down soon... has to :) You'll be settled in & feeling at HOME before you know it.

petrii said...

And so how's the weather?
(I felt a little light hearted banter was in order) =)

How fantastic that your new house is so close to school!! We literally can see Dak's High School from our front yard. (Dak's old High School as he is now living on his own and 21. I'm in denial). anyway.....

I'm so happy for you friend. Can't wait to see some pics.

Love and Hugs ~~ dawn

Coffee Mom said...

Funny how life goes sometimes, huh? Excited for your new, close to school house!! :)

Laurie O said...

Sure do miss you...

Anonymous said...

Are you going to blog again? I've missed you!

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